RDI Cultural Center held Game Day in Novo-Molokovo residential complex

03/ 06

We have almost forgotten what fun it is to play kids’ team games in the open air. In modern gadgets you will not find Cops and Robbers and Hot Potatoes   - games which were so popular with today’s grown-ups. It was decided to make up for this and organize a whole game party for kids, which took place May 30 in the territory of Novo-Molokovo. 

The spacious territory of the complex is perfectly suitable for all sorts of activities. The staple of the  program was a true pirate quest. Kids were divided in two teams and were quickly turned into real sea wolves with the help of some face paints  and costumes. Since not a single decent pirate can live without a code, the next step was to put together  a code of the pirates’ fraternity. The next task was to get the treasure (which was by the way meant for the rival team) and do a typically pirate act – bury it. Each team drew up a map which was then divided into four segments. Rivals could get the treasure only after successfully completing various tasks. Among other things there were tasks to test kids’ aiming accuracy (pop balloons with darts), attentiveness (find as many pirate discs as possible), strength (tug of war), dexterity (walk on a tense rope and not fall down) etc. The most complicated final task which was to reveal the smartest and most quick-witted pirate was  conducted by the leader who also was a keeper of all fragments of the map. But in the long run all participants won, and the slightly tired but satisfied pirates got their deserved treasure. It consisted of modeling balloons (used to make dogs, swords, crowns etc.), bubbles, pirate whistles as a memory and delicious snacks. 

The day filled with games and fun went by so fast. Grown-ups enjoyed just as much as the kids.