ANTI-CORRUPTION Section Featured on RDI Website

15/ 04

Our official website now features the ANTI-CORRUPTION Section.

If you become aware of any employee of RDI, the development company, or of any of its subsidiaries, committing a corruption offence* or any act infringing on this company's property and/or other rights and lawful interests, you can report it as follows:

- by email at
- by telephone on + 7 (495) 983-15-20 (ext. 1111)
- by post to entrance 1, building 3, RigaLand Business Center, 9th km of Novorizhskoe Highway, Krasnogorsk District, Moscow Region, 143421. For the attention of the Economic Security Directorate.
Informants are guaranteed unbiased consideration of any report and confidential treatment.

Reports of a planned offence are accepted. Anonymous reports are considered.

*The official definition of corruption according to the Federal Anti-Corruption Law (No. 273-FZ (273-ФЗ) of 25 December 2008) is as follows:

"Corruption" means:
a) abuse of office, giving a bribe, receiving a bribe, abuse of authority, trading in influence or other unlawful use by an individual of his or her official capacity contrary to lawful public and state interests for purposes of obtaining benefit in the form of money, valuables, other property or monetizable services and/or other property rights for himself or herself or for third parties, or unlawful provision of such benefit to such individual by other individuals;

b) acts referred to in sub-clause "a" of this clause and committed on behalf of or in the interests of a legal entity;

(Article 1, clause 1 of the Federal Anti-Corruption Law)